St Paul’s understands the importance of extra-curricular activities and works hard to provide opportunities. School and parent run clubs are available for all grades. Clubs St. Paul’s offers are:IMG_2332

  • Lego Club
  • Running Club
  • Science Club



Lego Club meets bi-monthly on Mondays and is broken into both fall and spring sessions. Lego Club allows all elementary students to express their creative side. Lego club is $5 per session or $10 for the entire year.


Running Club meets every other Friday at the beginning of the school year and continues in spring. Running club requires no previous experience and allows for fun, active games and relay races.


Science Club is organized through a company called Science Explorers. Science Explorers is offered for Grades 1 to 5. Science Explorers meets on Wednesday after school. The club is broken into six sessions and each session costs about $80.